Air quality monitoring data with Air Quality Index (AQI) in Thailand reported by Pollution Control Department (PCD) of Thailand is currently available at Here at, user can directly check those air quality data in each standard air quality monitoring station in Thailand from the map here.

AQI AirVisual

Near-real time AQI data in your area, available in, is here.


AQI map in Bangkok Metropolitan Region, available in, is here.

Other Near-Real Time Air Quality Data

Bangkok Air Quality of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA)


DUSTBOY Sensor Data in Northern Thailand

HAZEMONProject Sensor Data in AIT, Bangkok and Tak province.

Air Quality Sensor Data in Thammasat University, Rangsit Center

Sattelite Images and Hotspots Data

Regional Haze Situation: The hotspots depicted in the map are derived from the NOAA satellite and they represent locations with possible active fires overlaying with the 2500 ft winds.

Thailand Fire Monitoring System of GISTDA provides daily fire hospots and estimated PM2.5 concentrations in Thailand. Download data